Dairyfem R&D GmbH (Dairyfem) was founded in 2014 as a partnership with HSO Health Care GmbH

Dairyfem is to date the only company conducting research in women’s health by the combination of beneficial bacteria and dairy product

Dairyfem owns a license, technical formula and bacteria strains which enable the production of exceptional products i.e. functional foods for women but not limited to women



JDC Group supplies technology, advice and services to revolutionize the financial industry

JDC Group is using the power of blockchain technology for building customer-focused insurance and financial products while driving smart life, health and financial decisions by individuals and organizations

With over 16,000 connected sales partners, around 1,200,000 end customers, a portfolio of more than € 4.5 billion and around
€ 1.4 billion in product sales each year, JDC Group are one of the market leaders in the German-speaking area

Joh. Springer’s Erben is one of the most traditional hunting rifles manufactories of Austria with a 180-years of history as a k.u.k. Hoflieferant

In Springer’s Sporting Club one can find timeless and elegant fashions in leather, tweed or Loden mate here with waxed jackets and functional clothing

In addition to the topics hunting and fashion Joh. Springer’s Erben offers shooting and safety trainings in the most modern shooting-cinema in Austria


Lulalend is South Africa‘s first and currently only online & automated provider of short-term business funding

The company solves the financing gap of SMEs through cutting-edge technological development and automation of the application process

ATAI is a global biotech company builder that leverages a decentralized, technology- and data-driven platform model to serve millions of people suffering with mental health disorders.

By pooling expertise, best practices, and resources across our entire portfolio, we mitigate risk and responsibly accelerate the development of impactful and evidence-based therapies.


ADC Therapeutics is a clinical-stage oncology drug discovery and development company focused on advancing highly potent and targeted antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) for the treatment of hematological cancers and solid tumors. The proprietary ADCs are developed using the latest-generation pyrrolobenzodiazepine (PBD) dimer platform providing a superior therapeutic index compared to first- generation PBD ADCs. PBD dimers are very potent toxins that actively kill cancer cells and have a differentiated mechanism of action than warheads commonly used in other ADCs.
ADC Therapeutics was founded in 2012, and the company has raised $455 million since that time to advance their pipeline of programs. The company based in Lausanne, Switzerland and has operations in London (R&D), New Jersey (Clinical) and San Francisco (CMC).

Auven Therapeutics is a private equity company focused on the healthcare industry.
The Company’s strategy is to acquire controlling ownership in promising therapeutic products or platforms. The value of these therapeutic assets is then significantly enhanced by global development programs prior to selling them as clinically and commercially validated products to established pharmaceutical companies.
Auven Therapeutics has built a diversified portfolio of biologic and small molecule therapeutic candidates for a wide range of therapeutic indications. The Company’s existing pipeline addresses critical unmet medical needs in cancer, ophthalmic conditions, women’s health and orphan diseases.

Stella Models was founded in 1993 by Roberta Manganelli in Vienna. We represent Austrian and international Models. The best environment for long-term survival in this tough business. The personal needs of the models have just as great a significance as their career. For true beauty is the beauty from within.

The lack of timely and cost-effective IT tools for fund distribution was the beginning of the cyberfinancials idea. The practical concept for today’s cyberfinancials standard solutions culminated in the founding of cyberfinancials “Datenkommunikations GmbH” in 2001.
The many years of experience and the interaction of experts from IT, finance, marketing and sales makes it possible to offer

Based in Vienna, Flux Consulting GmbH offers comprehensive IT consulting services and IT development solutions with a focus on the public sector, financial service providers and energy supply companies. The company works in SAP consulting, open source projects, operations management and mobile app development.

Orca is a tailor-made collaboration suite for family offices, trusts and investment companies. Designed to save you time and ensure you get the optimal value out of your Orca experience.

Cryptology is a Malta based investment company investing in crypto assets and crypto companies around the globe and advising blockchain based businesses. Founded by the family office Apeiron Investment Group, the company aims to become the leading crypto asset holding in Europe.

Aquarion is a leading provider of advanced wastewater treatment and water purification systems, solutions and technologies for the Oil & Gas industry, the energy sector and other process industries. As a total enhanced EPC solution provider, Aquarion offers solutions to some of the most critical water and waste water requirements such as produced water, seawater for injection, process and potable water, cooling water, boiler feed water, spent caustic treatment and refinery waste water. Aquarion provides the best available technologies, high quality engineering, international expertise and local know how from its operations in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, USA, UK, Norway and Libya.