Dairyfem R&D GmbH (Dairyfem) was founded in 2014 as a partnership with HSO Health Care GmbH

Dairyfem is to date the only company conducting research in women’s health by the combination of beneficial bacteria and dairy product

Dairyfem owns a license, technical formula and bacteria strains which enable the production of exceptional products i.e. functional foods for women but not limited to women



JDC Group supplies technology, advice and services to revolutionize the financial industry

JDC Group is using the power of blockchain technology for building customer-focused insurance and financial products while driving smart life, health and financial decisions by individuals and organizations

With over 16,000 connected sales partners, around 1,200,000 end customers, a portfolio of more than € 4.5 billion and around
€ 1.4 billion in product sales each year, JDC Group are one of the market leaders in the German-speaking area

Joh. Springer’s Erben is one of the most traditional hunting rifles manufactories of Austria with a 180-years of history as a k.u.k. Hoflieferant

In Springer’s Sporting Club one can find timeless and elegant fashions in leather, tweed or Loden mate here with waxed jackets and functional clothing

In addition to the topics hunting and fashion Joh. Springer’s Erben offers shooting and safety trainings in the most modern shooting-cinema in Austria


Lulalend is South Africa‘s first and currently only online & automated provider of short-term business funding

The company solves the financing gap of SMEs through cutting-edge technological development and automation of the application process

Braintribe is an innovative software vendor with headquarters located in Vienna (AT) and main offices in São Paulo (BRA), Zürich (CH) and Berlin (DE)

Braintribe’s latest product, tribefire, the Data Agility and Digitalization Platform, was designed precisely to meet the challenges of the third era of enterprise IT and to capitalize on Big Data, Cloud and Mobility