CQ Investment Group

CQ is an international asset manager which seeks to realise continuous and sustainable growth for its investors

Its fund managers in Vienna, London and Yerevan use both quantitative and discretionary absolute and total return strategies to achieve this goal

The company was founded in 1991 by Alexander Schütz and Thomas Riess and has experience in the asset management industry for 27 years

Institutional and private investors have relied on CQ’s expertise for many years. The company’s sales and distribution channels include retail sales (through independent financial advisors, insurance companies, platforms and savings banks) and institutional sales

CQ has nearly € 9 billion assets under management

Today, with offices in Vienna, London, Frankfurt, Geneva, Zurich, Madrid, Paris and Yerevan CQ operates in 20 different countries in Europe and Asia

CQ and its funds have received multiple awards, including the “Investment Company of the Year 2012” award by the readers and users of the journal “Börse Online”


Unique white-labeled solutions help cyan’s clients to provide first-class cyber security to their own customer base (B-2-B-2-C)

Strong client base with global mobile operators and banks and a very robust pipeline

Significantly profitable business with EBITDA margins on new business in excess of 80%

Successful IPO in March 2018 (listed in Frankfurt)

Recent acquisition of I-New offers growth opportunities and synergies

Recent capital increase further strengthened the solid capital structure


MyBucks is a FinTech company that embraces technology as a means to provide financial products and services to customers

The company’s product offering encompasses banking, credit and insurance through an innovative digital platform

MyBucks is the leading FinTech company in Sub-Saharan Africa and the first FinTech player on the continent to provide savings products

MyBucks possesses proprietary credit scoring and fraud detection algorithms

The company is currently operating 4 banks and 8 MFIs and offers products and services to over 1.5 million customers

MyBucks issued over 2.3 million loans with a value of € 519 million in less than 8 years since inception

MyBucks has been listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange since 2016


HSO Health Care GmbH was founded in 2007 and is the market leader in probiotics for women’s health

Discovery of potential impact of probiotics on human health

Probiotics stand for real alternative, prevention and supplementation in many areas. HSO’s many cooperations and partnerships are an indicator for future promising developments

Astarte strains – innovation in women´s health. HSO knows that today the intestinal tract functions as a reservoir for vaginal lactobacilli and that oral supplementation of lactobacilli helps to keep the vaginal flora normal and to prevent vaginal infection. It is further known that the vaginal flora stays healthy with a physiologic composition of lactobacilli

As a specialized company HSO maintains a group of research scientists who have, over many years, raised the effectiveness of the selected bacteria in probiotics to a new level

HSO has registered patents in EU, US and Canada and distributes its products in more than 15 countries, making Astarte one of the best-selling probiotic product in its specialization worldwide

HSO Health Care GmbH is registered owner of the Dairyfem patent and all know-how including technology, R&D work, trade secrets, technical information, scientific data and production manuals (Dairyfem product includes all of the benefits of the Astarte strains in a probiotic yogurt drink )


Smartliving is a Vienna based interior store. Their range includes exquisite furniture, interior design etc.

Whether furniture, kitchen equipment, – all products meet the highest standards of quality, design and comfort

Their experts advise you individually and in detail. Creating tailor-made living solutions according to your wishes and ideas.

Of course you will find in Smart Living in addition to overall concepts and high quality individual pieces, decorations or home textiles.

For this purpose, they work together with reliable, experienced partners and carry high-quality products from selected brands


Mynaric is a laser communication company which develops and manufactures laser products allowing for high data rate and long-distance wireless data transmission

Mynaric offers a market ready product suitable for serial production and scalable business model, delivering a key component required for future aerospace Networks and aims to become the leading equipment supplier for aerospace communication networks, with a specific focus on commercial telecommunication constellations in air and space